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.The Leading Lady Club Podcast.

The Leading Lady Club podcast highlights women leading the way in various industries. Lauren and Caitlin sit down to talk with women in entertainment, STEM, education, sports, and more to find out what inspires them and keeps them driven!
Lauren and Caitlin met their freshman year at NYU. They were placed in the same group in their theater program and one day looked at each other at lunch and decided they were just alike and should be best friends! The rest is history. They're both huge lovers of sports, movies, theater, desserts, and Awards Season. They decided to start this podcast together as a way to explore and celebrate inspirational women leading the way in various different career fields. Since theater brought them together, it seemed only fitting that this group of amazing women, no matter what industry they might be in, be referred to lovingly as "The Leading Lady Club."


Caitlin is an NYC actor, singer, and producer. She loves all things Disney, is an avid fan of college football, and would love to tell you what Harry Potter house you're in! She is lucky to be living her lifelong dream of living in New York City and actively pursuing her dreams everyday. She is so grateful to be able to make a podcast with one of her favorite people on this planet and can't wait to talk your ears off about The Bachelor, Oscars movies, early 00's DCOMs, March Madness, The Jonas Brothers, and will probably also give you a lecture about why we deserve a National Treasure 3.  

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Lauren is currently working as a computer programmer in Syracuse, NY. She has way too many opinions about soccer and figure skating, has seen The Lion King at least 300 times, and is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan despite the many disappointments they bring her. Talents include: binge watching multiple shows at a time, talking about them at any given opportunity, and eventually convincing her friends to watch them too. There’s no one else in the world she’d rather be doing a podcast with, and she hopes everyone is as excited for this as she is! 

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